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About Medical Health Associates Of Western New York

Our Mission

Medical Health Associates Of Western New York is committed to providing quality, convenient, and equal medical care to Western New York families and the pediatric community.

We strive to provide the care and attention your family deserves at each visit. It is through our dedication to pediatric wellness and medical care that we aim to be Western New York’s leading destination for pediatrics.

Medical Health Associates Of Western New York
Your Place For Pediatrics.


Who We Are

Medical Health Associates is the largest pediatric group practice in Western New York. It is through a common mission, philosophy, and goals that each of our member practices, their physicians, and staff work together to pursue a healthy future for our pediatric community.

Our Values

  • Each of our practices is dedicated to providing top-level patient-centered medical care and maintaining a status of Level 3 Patient-Centered Medical Home by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).
  • Each of our practices is committed to equal care for the Western New York pediatric community, regardless of geographic or economic status.
  • Each of our practices is determined to leverage our expertise and professional acumen to the complete pediatric community.
  • Medical Health Associates is committed to the next generation of medical care, advancements in technology, and further medical services. Through due diligence, we vow to continue investing in the resources for medical care and the wellness of our patients.
  • Medical Health Associates strives to protect our patient-centered culture and will continue to utilize data to provide ongoing efficient and quality care.

Are You A New Patient?

New patients are always welcome! Please proceed to the forms page to fill out our new patient forms and register with our practice.

Western New York's Top Practicing Locations

As a pediatric collective, each of our practicing locations operates independently with a common vision, values, and dedication to quality care.

Meet Our Administrative Team

With over seventy-years of combined experience, the Administrative Team of Medical Health Associates serves as a resource for the member practices, providers and staff.

Collectively, the Team oversees the human resource, financial and operation needs with efforts focused on enhancing the performance and success of the member practices.


Allison Raffaele
Chief Executive Officer


Lisa English, CPC, CPB
Billing Office Manager


Gina Martino-Trubits
Director of Finance


Cheri Kelly
Director of Human Resources

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What Our Patients’ Parents Have To Say

What Our Patients’ Parents Have To Say

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