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Maple, Therapy Dog

Western New York Pediatrics


Special Interests/ Hobbies:

Maple MacLeod is a Yellow English Labrador Retriever. She became a Certified Therapy Dog in December 2015. She is certified through the SPCA’s Paws for Love Program. Maple has been helpful in reducing our patients‘ stress levels. Patients hug her while receiving vaccines which provides comfort. She plays with patients in the waiting room and listens to their concerns. Parents enjoy petting her while their teenagers are seeing providers by themselves. She’s remarkable at helping people relax and smile. Maple volunteers with one of our nurse practitioners, Bernadette MacLeod, who is her owner and handler.

Favorite Quote:

“Dogs don’t feel sorry for themselves.
They adapt, carry on and teach us to live in the moment.”
– Cesar Millan

What’s On Your Playlist?:

Who Let the Dog’s Out ?