Questions and Answers about Medical Health Associates of Western New York

What is the Medical Health Associates of Western New York?

Medical Health Associates of Western New York (MHAWNY) is a new partnership formed by four established and previously independent Pediatric practices.

When was MHAWNY formed?

MHAWNY became an active operating company on July 28, 2017.

What practices are in MHAWNY?

Suburban Pediatrics, Williamsville Pediatric Center, Western New York Pediatric Associates and Integrity Health Group, including Tonawanda Pediatrics, Island Pediatrics, and Transit Meadow Pediatrics

Will I continue to see my own doctor in the same location?

Yes, each practice will continue to operate as before, and you will continue to see your doctor, nurse practitioner and physician assistant and staff in the same location.

Why was MHAWNY formed?

The complexity of running a medical practice today has compelled the Pediatricians to work with other like-minded professionals to develop efficient and uniform business practices. This will better allow all the doctors to continue to offer high-quality wellness and medical care to their patients and pool their resources to expand their services in the future. You are invited to review our Mission Statement.

What will change with MHAWNY?

To take advantage of shared support services, most of the changes will happen behind the scenes of day-to-day practice. One area of change is that billing for services will be done through a billing service retained by MHAWNY. Billing statements will reflect MHAWNY’s name and a new pay-to address. The new Financial Policy of MHAWNY is shown also.

Who should I call if I have questions about MHAWNY?

You should continue to contact the practice with which you visit for services. If you have a question about the administration of MHAWNY you can contact Chris Tirabassi, CEO of MHAWNY. He can be reached at ctirabassi@mhawny.com or by calling 716-539-0789.

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Medical Health Associates of Western New York
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